Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So i've got a few hours before Class...
What am i going to write about?
Well, i guess ill post some more works...

One sunny afternoon, my Lecturer mailed this image n said "Red, do something to it"
so i came up with these.

So after meddling for a bit, it became this.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Evening Uploads

About a year ago, i designed this for a Tv Company offering customizable Designs...

The Video on the Screen was from syndrome2009reel...i did not make that...

 Inspired by Hp Ads.

So, i had a spare time with Illustrator and Viola!
Purple Girl
I have strong Passion for this Soccer Club...

So my Purple girl Turned Red.

The Genesis

Today i finally created a blog.

This is going to be my online-diary...
Here am going to post past, on-going and future projects concerning:
Animation, Motion Graphics Design and
Playing my Violin.

I hope this makes sense to someone somewhere...

Best regards,